Week 10: Part B Nominations

I have written 35 posts since March.
Challenge: 6 were challenge related
Interests: 27
School: 2 posts were school posts
I have received 35 comments total— from students, classmates, and teachers all over the world.The Baby Meeting received the most comments because it is one of my funniest posts and the post was put on the Student Blogging Challenge Magazine, and had bigger exposure than my other posts.
I enjoyed writing all my posts, however, The Baby Meeting was because I think babies are SO cute and I LOVE making comics.I didn’t change my theme because I thought my theme was easy to see and this particular theme, to my friends, is my signature theme.There are 25 widgets on my blog. think that I should add a few more widgets, just to make it more interesting.I don’t have any oversea student on my blog roll. I will try to add some very soon.

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