Review of A GREAT Book- The Immortal Rules

Can you survive in the ruins of Earth, with major threats that want to kill you? Allison Skemoto lives in a walled in city in the ruins of an old city. Vampires rule the world at this time, and rabids are people when turned into pale white, sharp-toothed, flesh ripping predators who are always on the hunt. Allie has to not only worry about Vampires and Rabids, but surviving. One day, when Allie finds a basement full of food, something bad happens, and it will change Allie’s life, and a lot of the lives around her, forever. Read this book and you’ll find out what happens.
This book is FANTASTIC! I LOVE it so much because I love the topic, the great details, the awesome (and sometimes scary) characters, and it is very well-written. A strength in this book is that the author is always keeping you on the edge of your seat, like when Allie gets attacked by Rabids. I definitely recommend this to EVERYONE because it was so good, and a few of my friends are reading it, too. I got the second book, and it is so awesome also. If you like apocalypse and heartbreaking-moments books, this is the book for you.


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