Child Labor- Dear Senator Hornback

Dear Senator Hornback,
A lot of people agree that your statement “People get pretty extreme about trying to protect everybody from everything. It’s hard manual labor, but there’s nothing wrong with hard manual labor” was cruel and insensitive because those are children, and children deserve a right to be in school and play— not in tobacco fields. I understand that you would like to save money but this is cruel and that restrictions are definitely needed. This is the next generation, and they should get the best of treatment. I hope you do something about it and children have a right to be kids, not turn into adults. Did you know that their bodies can’t handle the stress and all the chemicals they work with? Even if their bodies could handle it, they don’t have any breaks or extra pay, and that is extremely unfair. I hope you read my letter with sincere consideration and take the measures needed to help the children in need.
From a concerned student,

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