My Culture and Ethnicity.

I am many, many things that make up me. I am Mexican, Italian, Irish, French, Canadian, American, Black, and White. I am very accustomed to eat the foods from the places that my relatives come from because my Grandma ( my dad’s mom) is from Mexico, and she makes the best guacamole, salsa, enchiladas, and carne asada. My Nonna (my mom’s mom) is Italian and she makes FANTASTIC Italian sausage, pasta, and I make the garlic bread (mmmmm… I can smell it now…). I am many cultures, from both sides of the family, and I’m proud. I would definitely have a feast of both my cultures. But, sometimes it pays off just to have a regular old pizza or cheeseburger.

I also think the clothes from both cultures are awesome. Mexicans wear bright colors for festivals and fancy piƱatas which you smack with a wooden bat (A great anger management, I’ll say.). Italians wear more fancy clothes to parties and festivals. But both cultures have a similarity… THEY BOTH KNOW HOW TO PARTY!

Thank you for listening to me about me.

One thought on “My Culture and Ethnicity.

  1. I love listening to you about you. You are as brilliant as you are beautiful. You are definitely going to be a force for good and make a difference in the world!

    Enjoy that yummy garlic bread!!

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