What Do I Keep Thinkin’ Of? (Friends edition)

I usually am with my friends at school, so we have to keep each other amused by talking to each other. But the question is— what to talk about? We talk about class Hunger Games.

We all occasionally have dreams about a class HG and our brain picks who wins, dies, who is game maker, spectator, and who’s weapon they have. A favorite one of mine is when the arena look like a huge jungle, with a huge lake on the side of a map, with a SECOND cornucopia in the center. The huge lake is filled it hall sort of horrors, but the bounty and pretty much assurance of safety, and you can see who’s coming to your little island, is totally worth it.

It’s cool to dream and talk about because you can see how good of a fighter the people you know so well might act and fight. My friends Simone, Ruby, Aliyah, Mackenzie, Griffin, Christian, Mikaila, Gaby, Karen, and a few others listen to my dreams or each others’ dreams, make suggestions, give feedback, and tell me what they would ACTUALLY do. It’s so fun.

We also talk about the Mo Show. But that will be in another post. I hope I keep you in suspense.
★彡 —Caiya

2 thoughts on “What Do I Keep Thinkin’ Of? (Friends edition)

  1. I love having these dreams! They are really funny and weird. Especially the one where I died by accidentally tripped over your leg and fell over a cliff. Do you have these dreams often? I do after play some hunger craft. It’s really cool to listen to other peoples hunger games dreams.

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