My Video

I’ve been working on this Video for a few days. It’s very funny and random. It’s called Random Awesomeness. I give credit to Tobuscus, Todrick Hall, Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, and Minecraft Animation.

My Culture and Ethnicity.

I am many, many things that make up me. I am Mexican, Italian, Irish, French, Canadian, American, Black, and White. I am very accustomed to eat the foods from the places that my relatives come from because my Grandma ( my dad’s mom) is from Mexico, and she makes the best guacamole, salsa, enchiladas, and carne asada. My Nonna (my mom’s mom) is Italian and she makes FANTASTIC Italian sausage, pasta, and I make the garlic bread (mmmmm… I can smell it now…). I am many cultures, from both sides of the family, and I’m proud. I would definitely have a feast of both my cultures. But, sometimes it pays off just to have a regular old pizza or cheeseburger.

I also think the clothes from both cultures are awesome. Mexicans wear bright colors for festivals and fancy piñatas which you smack with a wooden bat (A great anger management, I’ll say.). Italians wear more fancy clothes to parties and festivals. But both cultures have a similarity… THEY BOTH KNOW HOW TO PARTY!

Thank you for listening to me about me.

What Do I Keep Thinkin’ Of? (Friends edition)

I usually am with my friends at school, so we have to keep each other amused by talking to each other. But the question is— what to talk about? We talk about class Hunger Games.

We all occasionally have dreams about a class HG and our brain picks who wins, dies, who is game maker, spectator, and who’s weapon they have. A favorite one of mine is when the arena look like a huge jungle, with a huge lake on the side of a map, with a SECOND cornucopia in the center. The huge lake is filled it hall sort of horrors, but the bounty and pretty much assurance of safety, and you can see who’s coming to your little island, is totally worth it.

It’s cool to dream and talk about because you can see how good of a fighter the people you know so well might act and fight. My friends Simone, Ruby, Aliyah, Mackenzie, Griffin, Christian, Mikaila, Gaby, Karen, and a few others listen to my dreams or each others’ dreams, make suggestions, give feedback, and tell me what they would ACTUALLY do. It’s so fun.

We also talk about the Mo Show. But that will be in another post. I hope I keep you in suspense.
★彡 —Caiya

Child Labor- Dear Senator Hornback

Dear Senator Hornback,
A lot of people agree that your statement “People get pretty extreme about trying to protect everybody from everything. It’s hard manual labor, but there’s nothing wrong with hard manual labor” was cruel and insensitive because those are children, and children deserve a right to be in school and play— not in tobacco fields. I understand that you would like to save money but this is cruel and that restrictions are definitely needed. This is the next generation, and they should get the best of treatment. I hope you do something about it and children have a right to be kids, not turn into adults. Did you know that their bodies can’t handle the stress and all the chemicals they work with? Even if their bodies could handle it, they don’t have any breaks or extra pay, and that is extremely unfair. I hope you read my letter with sincere consideration and take the measures needed to help the children in need.
From a concerned student,

Review of A GREAT Book- The Immortal Rules

Can you survive in the ruins of Earth, with major threats that want to kill you? Allison Skemoto lives in a walled in city in the ruins of an old city. Vampires rule the world at this time, and rabids are people when turned into pale white, sharp-toothed, flesh ripping predators who are always on the hunt. Allie has to not only worry about Vampires and Rabids, but surviving. One day, when Allie finds a basement full of food, something bad happens, and it will change Allie’s life, and a lot of the lives around her, forever. Read this book and you’ll find out what happens.
This book is FANTASTIC! I LOVE it so much because I love the topic, the great details, the awesome (and sometimes scary) characters, and it is very well-written. A strength in this book is that the author is always keeping you on the edge of your seat, like when Allie gets attacked by Rabids. I definitely recommend this to EVERYONE because it was so good, and a few of my friends are reading it, too. I got the second book, and it is so awesome also. If you like apocalypse and heartbreaking-moments books, this is the book for you.


Week 10: Part B Nominations

I have written 35 posts since March.
Challenge: 6 were challenge related
Interests: 27
School: 2 posts were school posts
I have received 35 comments total— from students, classmates, and teachers all over the world.The Baby Meeting received the most comments because it is one of my funniest posts and the post was put on the Student Blogging Challenge Magazine, and had bigger exposure than my other posts.
I enjoyed writing all my posts, however, The Baby Meeting was because I think babies are SO cute and I LOVE making comics.I didn’t change my theme because I thought my theme was easy to see and this particular theme, to my friends, is my signature theme.There are 25 widgets on my blog. think that I should add a few more widgets, just to make it more interesting.I don’t have any oversea student on my blog roll. I will try to add some very soon.

Week 10: My Nomination

For the Student Blogging Challenge, I have to nominate one blog, from kids thought the nation. It was SO hard choosing. I had come down to the final few…
But one stood out. Heres who I got:
I chose Simone C. because she writes really good posts from her heart, and she really means them. She writes not only to do the assignments, but for fun, too.